Adoption FAQs

Why is this called adoption?

Firstly, like traditional adoption, the couple who adopts the embryo has no genetic connection to it. In addition, embryo donation offers an altruistic use for surplus embryos, just like adoption meets the needs of both the adoptive family, and the unwanted child.

What is the pregnancy rate with embryo adoption?

The pregnancy rate in our clinic, when we transfer 4 frozen-thawed embryos, is 45% per cycle. The reason for the high pregnancy rate is twofold. Firstly, these are often excellent quality embryos (it is usually because the parents have achieved a pregnancy with the fresh embryos, that they are willing to donate these frozen embryos to another couple).

Also, since we prepare the endometrium using hormones, the uterine receptivity to these embryos is usually very good.

Who are good candidates for embryo adoption?

Embryo adoption is an alternative for infertile couples who need egg or sperm donation. Also, families who cannot afford the huge fees needed for egg donation may prefer embryo adoption.

Isn't this just surrogacy?

No, this is not surrogacy! In surrogacy, a woman carries a pregnancy for the benefit of the infertile couple.

In embryo adoption, the child that the couple carries is the child that they will parent. Isn't this just surrogacy?

What will the child look like?

The embryos for adoption in our clinic come from parents of Indian origin. These are healthy couples, who have utilized IVF to start their own families.

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