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Patient From USA

Patient From USA

I take this opportunity to express my highest regard and gratitude towards the Malpani clan. A few days back, we got the news that our baby is doing well and everything is progressing as per plan. Thanks to Drs.Malpani.

Our tryst with Dr.Malpani started in October, 2004. I communicated with him via email as we are in USA and he, in Mumbai. In October last, the local US doctors finally determined after investigating for over a year that we had to either go in for Egg donor or Embryo adoption program. This was really hard for us to take as comparatively my wife had not reached the stage where one could expect that she would run out of her own eggs. We were weighing options of what exactly to do as finding an Indian donor or Indian Embryos in USA is next to impossible. And the fact that we were trying for the second child (we already have a daughter) also was making us think whether we should really go in for this process or not.

During this time of thought process, I started looking out for Infertility clinics in India. And the first one which I thoroughly researched was Dr.Malpani’s. I did not communicate with him first as the site is so exhaustive that it took me quite a while to go through all the articles and testimonials. Finally, I wrote to him in detail about our case. And I was amazed at the lightening speed response. I mean – it is almost proverbial. Dr.Malpani must be just awarded for this fact that he goes that extra mile – just to respond to you overnight or the very same day. I have never seen any person doing such a marvelous job. Equipped with this trait, you just feel so assured and reassured that you know that you have your doctor almost available to you 24 hrs a day, which is very rare especially in a place like USA. 

Once we started the communication and we got the 2nd opinion from Dr.Malpani that we did not have a choice but to undertake Egg donation/Embryo adoption process, we had to decide our next steps. After a long discussions between me and my wife, we decided that we will try for Egg donor program in USA. To say the least, apart from being a failure, the whole experience left us in a bad shape both mentally and financially. Not only we were grieving of not being successful, but we felt that we were totally ripped. The whole process here in USA is so expensive that at the end of the day, if things do not work out you will have no finances to do anything else.

After this, we started exploring the possibility to get the Egg donor program in India – in the process started communicating with Dr.Malpani again. Finally, it was in May, 2005 we were able to get the vacation and we travelled to India. We finally were looking forward to meet Dr.Malpani in person and for the treatment.

In early June, finally we met Dr.Malpani. We were quite impressed by the clinic itself. The place is quite marvellous – highly professional staff and there is this special personal touch. We had to stay overnight at that place – the first day – and it was unplanned so we did not book a hotel room. But Dr.Malpani offered us for stay at his clinic – which by the way has AC rooms, computer with Internet connectivity in each room and an attached bath. Can you beat that !!! That night, no nurse was scheduled to stay overnight at the clinic – but because of our unplanned stay – one of the nurses voluntarily offered to stay — which is unheard of in USA.

Well, after this first day we were on our way for the program. We visited overall 3 times to the clinic. The last visit, we had the embryo transfer – which was done so simply and without any big show, as 
compared to our experience in USA. In USA, the doctor had used ultrasound to guide the embryo transfer, wife had to drink a lot of water before the transfer and post transfer there was this big show to check the catheter to see if the embryos were actually transferred. Well, all this was missing at Mumbai. It was simple, straight forward, quick and matter of fact.

After a month, it was confirmed that my wife was pregnant and our joy knew no bounds.

Why do we recommend Dr.Malpani’s clinic ?

1. The place is professionally managed. You will never feel that you are being ignored. The whole staff is friendly and courteous and you feel at home.

2. Of course, Dr.Aniruddha and Dr.Anjali – they are the pivotal factors for all this. Dr.Aniruddha, a tall, lanky, focused and friendly person who would endear you immediately at the moment you have your first interaction with him. He is highly professional at the same time being very considerate and he would go to any extent to help you out in any situation. You can hardly find a doctor who is so hard working and who enjoys his job. You can just notice from the website, the amount of information it has and the frequency at which new articles are published almost every other day. So the energy Dr.Aniruddha Malpani carries, just shows everywhere.

3.Last but a very important factor is the location – the clinic is located in Mumbai which is very well connected from all the places – both international and domestic. So it becomes very easy to travel to Mumbai if you are not from that place.

So all the couples who are seeking help in treating themselves for infertility, make the Malpani Clinic as your destination and you would pat yourselves that you made the right choice and decision.